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Lab: Radiofrequency Measurement Technique II

Modern transmitters and receivers are made up of many basic building blocks, e.g. Modulators or demodulators, oscillators, phased locked loops, operational amplifiers, filters, amplifiers, transistor mixers or antennas. Each component has a decisive role in the overall system. Therefore, engineers have to have a good knowledge of these components and this will be transmitted to the students in the laboratories of high-frequency technology.

Students learn the theoretical foundations of a range of high-frequency systems. They deepen their knowledge on the basis of practical investigations and measurements on experimental setups. The students document their examinations in written protocols and are able to evaluate the results obtained qualitatively.

Experiment 1 - Transistor Mixer

  • Signal characteristics of externally controlled and self-oscillating mixing stages

Experiment 2 - Oscillators

Measuring of frequency response locus and oscillation lines of different transistor oscillators

  • Meissner Oscillator
  • Huth-Kühn Oscillator
  • Clapp Oscillator
  • RC Oscillator

Experiment 3 - Cable Shielding

Measurement of shield attenuation of different coaxial lines

Experiment 4 - Measurement Line

  • Measurements in waveguide technology from 5 GHz to 8 GHz
  • Measurement of the reflection coefficient of different termination impedances
  • Determination of the frequency response locus and representation in the Smith diagram
  • Frequency response locus of a band pass filter and of a cut-off waveguide

Experiment 5 - Components of microwave technology

  • Design, simulation and measurement of a planar filter
  • Measurement of an antenna range

Experiment 6 - Antennas

  • Generation of microaves (with Semiconductor oscillator at 9 GHz)
  • Principle of frequency and power measurement
  • Examination of an attenuator, cross coupler, phase shifter and of a magic tee

Experiment 7 - Antennas

  • Measurement of the directivity pattern of different antennas at 10 GHz
  • Gain measurement of a parabolic and of a horn antenna
  • Measurements an a folded dipole at 10 GHz

Experiment 8 - Phase-Locked Loops (PLL)

  • Analysis of PLL's 1st and 2nd order in the time and frequency domain